Basic Information

The DISCON CFP is open to submissions of all kinds. If you would like to present a talk, lead a workshop or have something else in mind we'd love to hear from you.

At DISCON we value original research and ideas. Talks related to Digital Currency, decentralization, blockchain, the distributed web, incentivised computing, and crypto economics are of high interest. We're also especially interested in how these topics relate to privacy and security.

Submissions will be reviewed and accpeted based on number of factors. Generally speaking, submissions should align with this years theme, "Beyond the Hype".

Talks that shill a given coin or product will not be permitted. The DISCON mission aligns more with the anti-con style than corporate-con. Please don't hesitate to reach out with questions.

Thank you for your interest in DISCON. We're looking forward to reading your submissions!

Submissions Details

WHEN: DISCON 1 CFP submission deadline is July, 13th. We will reply to all CFP responses by July 18th.

HOW: Please send submissions in plain text (not HTML) to cfp (at) with the following information:


  • Speaker name
  • Speaker bio
  • Submission type (talk, workshop, other)
  • Talk title
  • Talk abstract
  • Why do you want to present at DISCON?
  • Is your submission ready to be presented now?
  • Have you presented this talk before?
  • Any requirements we should know about?
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