Keynote Presenters

Charles Hoskinson

Chief Executive Officer at Input Output HK

Talk: Why Cryptocurrencies Matter

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Jared Polis

U.S. Representative, 2nd District of Colorado

Talk Abstract

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Chelsea Rustrum

Co-founder of & Founder of Blockchain for Good

Talk: The Future of Blockchain

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DISCON 2018 Featured Presenters

Please keep an eye out for upcoming speaker announcements! Also, have a look at our Call For Papers if you're interested in presenting at DISCON.

Tony Arcieri

Co-founder Iqlusioninc

Talk: Insane In The Blockchain

These days Tony dabbles in cryptography, but in the past he made the Celluloid actor framework for Ruby and the Reia programming language.

Masha Prusakova

Legal consulting & PR for blockchain startups, Davos World Economic Forum

Talk: Regulation of cryptocurrencies & ICOs in US and around the world, Digital Currency & Law Panel

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Kent Barton

Founder of Ethereum Denver & Co-Organizer of the ETHDenver Hackathon. Optimist. Musician. Blockchains ate my life.

Talk: Crypto Tribalism: Divided We Fail

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Jessica Salomon

Community Manager, Maker DAO

Talk: Intro to Maker's Dai Stablecoin System

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Kyle Burke

Lead Front End Engineer and Resident DJ at Ujo

Panel: Blockchain in Music Business

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Larkin Reynolds


Panel: Digital Currency, Blockchain & Law

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Justin Caswell

CEO, RevoKind

Talk: The future of Dapp's and how it relates to core infrastructure and interoperability

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Sarah Morgan

Senior Brand Designer at ConsenSys

Panel: User experience & design

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Jordan Earls

Co-founder & lead developer of Qtum

Talk: How Game Theory Shapes Blockchain Design

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Greg Foss

Head of Global Security Operations, LogRhythm

Talk: Crypto Hacks

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Ben Stewart

Co-founder & CTO of Blackbox AI

Talk: Designing Work Around the Human Experience

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Jonny Howle

Product Designer, uPort

Talk: Self-Sovereign Identity & Connecting The Web Of Trust

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Brian Baker

CEO of Rebel

Panel: How UI/UX is Key to Mass Adoption

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Yev Muchnik, ESQ

Founder at ESQLegal & EmbassyChain Reserve

Panel: Digital Currency & Law

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Daisy Ozim

Director, blockchain for social justice

Panel: Blockchain for Social Justice

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G Thomas Esmay

Director of Business Development, Singular-DTV

Talk: Using Blockchain to Build Better Film & Music Industries

G's Bio

Jason Jarvis

Interim CEO & Chief Innovation Officer at Rock Silo Data Company

Talk: I started heating my house with bitcoin in 2012. PoW & the bitcoin SHA256 stamp.

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Karthik Iyer

Polymath, entrepreneur, inventor & scientist

Talk: The Blockchain Universe in Asia & the coming 10 trillion dollar opportunity to disrupt

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Andrew Kernosky, EA

Founder of Archer Tax Group, LLC.

Panel Discussion: Digital Currency, Tokens, and Taxes

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Kate Johnson

Design Strategist & Design Researcher at ConsenSys

Panel: User experience & design

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Kevin Liebrock

Vice President, Bluebird Botanicals

Talk: How we setup our buisness to accecpt digital currency payments

Kevin's BIO

Aari Lotfipour

Co-founder and CEO of Jalapeño Inventive

MC at ETown

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Jim Merrion

Real Estate Agent with Coldwell Banker

Talk: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Blockchain

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Keagan McClelland

Senior Developer, SALT Lending

Talk: Failure is not an Option

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Alex Stokes

Co-founder at Polaris

Talk: Futarchy for blockchain governance: solving our biggest crisis

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Anthony Meisner

Sales at Land Title Guarantee Company

Talk: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Blockchain

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Michele Ostrander

Founder, COO of RevoKind

Panel: Blockchain & Social Impact

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Kevin Owocki

Founder, Scientist, Chief Janitor - Gitcoin

Talk: Mesh Networks of Human Beings

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Paul Quigley

WY Blockchain Coalition & CO Blockchain Council. CEO & Founder of BlocLab Enterprises.

Panel: Digital Currency & Law

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Ethan Bennett

Talk: Introducing Maker.js: a JavaScript SDK for Buidling on Maker

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Luke Stokes

Steem Witness, EOSDAC Launch team

Talk: Delegated Proof of Stake, On-Chain Governance, and the Future of Tokenomics

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Kylen McClintock

Co-Founder of Blockchain for Sustainable Development, Proof of Impact at Flux

Panel: Blockchain & Social Impact

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Greg Fitzgerald

Cofounder, CTO of Solana

Talk: Techniques for Scaling Blockchain: GPUs, Pipelining, Storage, and Synchronization

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David Allen Cohen

CEO of Dcntral Taekion

Decentralized Everything! Founder GridAgents™ Hashgraph Advisor #Blockchain Innovator Circular Economy Former IOTA Foundation Member, CEO of Dcntral Taekion

Mike Clear

Director of Business Development at Watchman Payment Systems

Workshop: What you should know before mining. A step by step guid to Bitcoin & other POW cryptocurrencies

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